Azima Sacco society limited formerly Kenya Canners Sacco Limited was registered as a co-operative society in 1966 but registration renewal was done on 13th April 1987 under the societies Act Cap 490. Majority of its membership is drawn from Del Monte Kenya Limited based in Thika, but later it opened its common bond to the public in order to patronize its products and services. With, 10,344 members in FOSA and BOSA, The sacco is based in Thika and has a branch at OL Donyo Sabuk offering both BOSA and FOSA services.


  • Provision of high quality financial services to members so that they can achieve financial independence
  • Provide banking services to low and high income earners
  • Maximization of income to the benefit of the Sacco members


Out of commitment and concern for members welfare, the Society over the years adopted several operating principles that guide it in its relationship with its members.

These practices are in line with core co-operative values that are shared and nurtured by the co-operative movement worldwide. Our operating principles include among others the following:-

(a) Open and voluntary membership
The Society’s doors are open for membership to all who wish to join it as long as they are within the accepted common bond. Members are free to withdraw their membership if they so wish provided they do not have outstanding obligations with the Society.

(b) Democratic control
The members enjoy rights to vote and participate in making decisions affecting the Society through their elected Members. A member is valued for who he/she is and not what he/she owns in terms of material possession. Regardless of the amount of shares the member may have in the Society, he has a right to one vote in the general meeting.

(c) Non- discrimination
The spirit that reigns in our Society is one of Unity and harmony. The Society does not discriminate against members on account of their political, religious, race and gender diversities.

(d) Limited interest on capital
The Society pursues the goal of rendering services to the members. Maximizing profits is not among its prime objectives. Interest paid on savings and shares is limited and in proportion to the interest charged on loans

(e) Proportional distribution of surplus
At the end of every year, the Society distributes the surplus earned in proportion to the level of savings.

(f) Co-operative education
Azima Sacco believes that the key to success is founded on a well informed membership. The Society thus pursues a policy of ensuring that the general membership is fully educated on the Society’s status and the co-operative philosophy.

(g) Co-operation among co-operatives
The Society recognizes the necessity of strengthening its bond with other affiliate Co-operative organizations. This is based on the value of solidarity. By cementing strong bonds of co-operation with other co-operatives, the Society is and has been able to achieve more.